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Lance Surveying Services
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Lance Surveying Services is a full service surveying company capable of all types of land surveys, ALTA/NSPS surveys, elevation certificates, topography and construction staking. We provide start to finish aspects for locating existing property lines, creating new property splits, as well as designing multi-lot subdivisions. We are a father-son company, with new office facilities at 1505 North Broadway in Mt. Pleasant.


About Lance Surveying Services
In 1984, after extensive experience in the surveying field, John Lance became professionally licensed to survey in the State of Iowa and purchased Gibson Engineering, which was the beginning of LANCE SURVEYING SERVICES. In 1998 he received his professional land surveying license in the State of Missouri. In October of 2008, John’s son Rob joined the firm. Rob received his professional land surveying license in 2010

The Survey Process
Research is where it all begins. Research reveals the existing record (history) of the property, which is quite often the most important aspect in boundary surveys. Research is done to find the history of not only the subject parcel, but also the adjoiners. Research reveals how the property was originally patented, up to the most recent conveyances and splits. It uncovers legal descriptions and former surveys in the immediate area, which are used as evidence to boundaries and corners.

With today’s growing government regulations, land owners who contemplate a new real estate split, are encouraged to check with governing planning and zoning, and/or real estate administrators, when initiating the planning process with real estate development. After many years in the surveying profession, Lance Surveying is very well acquainted with most area realtors and attorneys, and works closely with those professionals to complete your real estate process.



John Lance

Rob Lance with RTK GPS

  Boundary Surveys
Lance Surveying Services deals primarily in boundary surveys - surveys to find your property boundaries. These surveys can be as simple as finding existing property corners, and verifying the integrity of those found corner monuments. A boundary survey can of course sometimes get more involved and time consuming, if some or all of the corner monuments are damaged or missing.

Subdivisions are multiple splits of real estate, normally for future development of the property. Most subdivisions involve several splits and may require extensive planning, perimeter work, topography, layout, drafting, and construction staking during the development process.

Topography surveys involve locating the physical features of the subject parcel, and compiling data to map contours of how the land lays and drains. Many subdivision plans require topography drawings to be used not only by the developer, but also by the governing bodies for planning, so as to be able to regulate land use.
  Construction Staking
Lance Surveying Services can guide the contractor through all phases of construction. Call LANCE SURVEYING SERVICES for their professional expertise, and to gain highly accurate staking through the construction process. With the latest RTK/GPS technology, there is no staking job too big or too small for LANCE SURVEYING.
  What Does it Cost?
Lance Surveying Services works nearly always on a "time and material" basis. Hourly rates, which vary for different phases of the project, are very reasonable, and compare favorably in the profession. After becoming more and more familiar with a project, and with some brief research, an estimate can be computed. Bids are also obtainable.

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