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Lance Surveying Services
Lance Surveying Services CrewLance Surveying Services is a full service surveying company capable of all types of land surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveys, topography and construction staking. With our ATV and state-of-the-art GPS equipment, we are very suited for rural survey work, but also equipped and comfortable with urban work. We provide start to finish aspects for locating existing property lines, creating new single splits, as well as multi-lot subdivisions. We are a small company, owned and operated by John Lance, with office in lower level of residence. John provides hands on service and performs research, assists in the field, and is the draftsman and composer of legal descriptions for the plats of survey and reports for each project. John's son Rob is technician for all field work and also assists in all other aspects of a project.


About Lance Surveying Services
Lance Surveying Services is owned by John Lance of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. John was born and raised in Washington, Iowa, and received his college education from University of Northern Iowa and University of Iowa, with engineering short courses from Iowa State. John began surveying out of college with the Iowa D.O.T., doing primarily road construction staking. John also worked extensively for Bob Gibson, Gibson Engineering, doing primarily land surveying and limited construction staking. In 1984, John became professionally licensed to survey in the State of Iowa and purchased Gibson Engineering, which was the beginning of LANCE SURVEYING SERVICES. In 1998 he received his professional land surveying license in the State of Missouri.

In October of 2008, Rob Lance joined the firm. He is a 2007 graduate of Coe College. He was formerly employed by Hall & Hall Engineering of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he was a field technician, primarily in construction staking. Rob specializes in operation of new state-of-the-art RTK GPS equipment as it applies to all aspects of a survey. With this equipment and technology, it gives LANCE SURVEYING the advantage of GPS coordinate data, with centimeter accuracy, in any area they work. This technology in data collection also drastically reduces the time spent in the field, which translates to fewer chargeable hours on the job and faster turn-around with completed project.


John Lance

Rob Lance with RTK GPS

  Boundary Surveys
Lance Surveying Services deals primarily in boundary surveys. Boundary surveys are just what they say, surveys to find your property boundaries. These surveys can be as simple as finding existing boundary corners, and verifying they are genuine and are in the correct locations. They can also get more involved and time consuming, if some or all of these original boundary corners are damaged or missing. Researching the existing record (history of the property) is an extremely important aspect in boundary surveys. Research is done to find the history of not only the subject parcel, but also the adjoiners. Research reveals how the property was originally patented, up to the most recent conveyances and splits. It uncovers legal descriptions and former surveys in the immediate area, which are used as evidence to boundaries and corners.

Subdivisions are splits of property, for various reasons, usually for further development of the property. While "Plats of Survey" are made for simple single splits of property, "Preliminary" and "Final Plats" are produced for subdivisions, which show layouts and dimensions of lots, streets, alleys, common ground, etc. Anyone who is developing a parcel of ground, by splitting and conveying several parts to others for development, will need to begin this process with a licensed land surveyor.

With some small subdivisions, the time required is minimal, and similar to the cost and time for a Plat of Survey. Larger multilot subdivisions may require extensive planning, perimeter work, layout and drafting, and construction staking during the development process.

Topography deals with features of the ground and on the ground. It could be the improvements that exist on a parcel of ground, or it could be how the actual ground lays. Topography surveys are a valuable tool in developing properties, or to plan ways to further develop existing improvements, such as utilities and accesses. Many subdivision plans require topography drawings used not only for the developer, but also by the governing bodies in order to regulate the land use. Again, with the use of the RTK GPS technology, field data collection for topographies is more complete, accurate and easily accomplished.
  Construction Staking
Lance Surveying Services can guide the contractor through all phases of construction. With the use of project plans and specifications, Lance Surveying technicians provide horizontal and vertical stakes and grades for excavation or construction of any structure.
Many times, the contractor does not feel comfortable doing these things themselves. They call on the licensed surveyor to use his professional expertise, and precision instruments, to gain highly accurate directions, on the ground, during the construction process. With the new RTK GPS staking ability, there is no staking job too big or too small for LANCE SURVEYING.
  What Does it Cost?
There are many variables and issues that affect the time spent to complete a surveying project. Things such as the availability of good, accurate information, and methods of indexing in the county records are key to time spent on research. A big factor during the data collections phase in the field would be availability of government corners and/or other corner references. Other factors include the terrain and the time of the year. In summer months, heavy foliage and crops limit sight distances and mobility on the job site. In the winter months, corner searches are hindered by frozen ground and the weather itself.

Lance Surveying Services works nearly always on a "time and material" basis. Hourly rates, which vary for different phases of the project, are very reasonable, and compare favorably in the profession. After becoming more and more familiar with a project, and some brief research, a more accurate estimate can be computed
  Lead Time
The more lead time the better. Our backlog varies, but usually runs around 3-6 weeks.

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